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Smart Toilets Are Revealing the Health Data That Wearables Can’t

March 10, 2020


The secret lies not in treating diseases when they appear, but in preventing them before they take over your immune system. It’s not enough to eat well and live a healthy life if you don’t pay close attention to what’s happening inside your body. But the reality is that in today’s hectic world it’s easier to ignore doctor visits and general consultations.

However, where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution.

Smart toilets might be the future of technology. A smart toilet can revolutionize personal health by tracking urinary infections, kidney diseases, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders before they present any physical symptoms.

This new technology may be the next tool to help you monitor your health and uncover early signs of diseases such as cancer. The purpose of the toilet is to bring more value into people’s lives in a way similar to how Fitbit and Apple Watch are helping millions track their health and physical activities. 

Another key benefit of this product is that it doesn’t require you to leave the house. Every home has a toilet that is used several times a day by each member. Adopting this smart tool can enable you to detect markers of diseases such as blood in the stool, sugar in the urine, or circulating tumor cells—before they become serious health concerns. 

And now it’s time to put a name to the face. Although still in the testing process, The TrueLoo “smart toilet” is already helping us realize the huge impact this product will have in every user’s life. In one interview from 2019, Vik Kashyap, co-founder and CEO of Toi Labs and the maker of TrueLoo, was asked about the main goal of Toi Labs and their products, especially The TrueLoo; his answer revealed that they are “hoping to prevent and detect the presence of serious diseases before they progress, help optimize people’s diets, and ultimately improve longevity”. 

How Does the Product Actually Work?

The TrueLoo smart seat designed by Vik Kashyap’s team can be installed on a toilet in just  minutes. The technology will search for health issues by analyzing secretions. It then analyzes the excretion of the human body using sensors, allowing users to notice various disorders. 

Toi Labs says that TrueLoo can detect dehydration, virus infections, and urinary tract infections. This year, the company is testing the product in nursing homes in San Francisco and plans to officially launch it in 2021. 

But if you’re more interested in a product that has already been on the market or you care more about personal hygiene than tracking diseases, then the following two products will bring you closer to the perks of smart and efficient toilets.

TOTO smart toilet

The functions of this toilet are activated once the user is seated. This life-changing toilet is fully automated, featuring four different cleansing options, one ON/OFF button, a dryer, and a massage button. After a long day’s work, a good massage can do wonders in helping you  release the tension. 

The toilet uses a special wand to release warm water both in the front and the back, depending on your needs. You don’t have to worry about the wand getting dirty. It goes through its own cleaning process before and after each use. 

Kohler smart toilet

Dynamic sound and lighting plus the ability to talk to Alexa constitute exceptional features for a high-tech bathroom. The Kohler smart toilet focuses on three core things: convenience, comfort, and cleanliness. Its key features include a warm toilet seat, automated flashes, and extraordinary bidet functionalities that will add value to any bathroom.

Another interesting feature is that unlike regular toilets, it does not require you to use your hands. As you approach the toilet, a sensor reacts to your presence and automatically lifts the toilet cover—and when you’re done, it lowers the cover back down.

Hey Alexa, play some Bon Jovi. What a great way to start your day—now possible, thanks to the Alexa feature. You can ask her anything, anytime you want, without having to take your phone into the bathroom with you.