Majority of Americans Believe AI Can Revolutionize Healthcare in 2024

November 22, 2023

Category: Innovation, Med Tech

Addressing perceived obstacles to the adoption of AI is crucial for building consumer confidence. While a majority of Americans express optimism about AI, there are still challenges to overcome. Individuals skeptical of the technology believe that providing more evidence of […]

Senate subcommittee signals support for permanent telehealth flexibilities

November 15, 2023

Category: Regulatory

Lawmakers showed bipartisan support for making pandemic-era telehealth flexibilities permanent in Medicare during a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday. But witnesses noted Congress shouldn’t wait to address the temporary accommodations — some of which expire at the end of next […]

New California Law Offers Fresh Protection From Steep Ambulance Bills

November 7, 2023

Category: Regulatory

Last year, Jennifer Reisz’s college-age daughter, Megan, was kicked in the chest multiple times by the family’s horse. Megan fell to the ground, unable to move or speak. Though she was alone, her Apple Watch detected her distress and called […]


10 natural treatments that doctors recommend for the cold and flu

November 27, 2023

Via: Fox News

As cold and flu season gets underway this fall, Fox News Digital reached out to and spoke with a number of health professionals for their advice on natural remedies to consider when a person comes down with either of these […]


Coffee and COVID: Could drinking 1 or 2 cups a day reduce the severity of the viral illness?

November 21, 2023

Via: Fox News

Your daily cup of coffee could potentially double as COVID protection, a new study from China Medical University is suggesting. Previous research has shown that a diet rich in polyphenols — a class of compounds found in many plant foods […]


COVID is not a concern for Americans heading into Christmas, other holidays, says survey: ‘Just another virus’

November 20, 2023

Via: Fox News

Being concerned about spreading COVID-19 is reportedly sooo last season. As the U.S. heads into the fourth holiday season since the pandemic’s onset, most Americans aren’t worried about COVID-19 spread or prevention during the holidays this year, a new study […]

Innovation, Med Tech

NCQA Launches Virtual Care Accreditation Pilot

November 17, 2023

Via: HitConsultant

The pilot organizations will provide valuable input to shape NCQA’s Virtual Care Accreditation program, the first of its kind, designed to highlight the quality of care delivered through virtual or hybrid modalities by diverse healthcare organizations. Early versions of the […]