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Research Report: How Patients with Addiction Use Digital Health Tools

September 24, 2018

Via: HitConsultant

Enspektos, LLC, a healthcare innovation consultancy, today released a first-of-its-kind research about how patients with addiction use digital health tools, where voice-enabled technologies are currently being deployed in health and more. Four Q2 2018 digital health trends & themes revealed […]


Future challenges for digital healthcare

April 26, 2017

Via: Medical News Today

The digital health “revolution” appears to be well under way. According to a recent survey by the American Medical Association, the vast majority of physicians believe that adopting digital health tools will improve their ability to care for their patients. […]


AMA Survey: 5 Physician “Must-Haves” to Adopt Digital Health Tools

September 26, 2016

Via: HitConsultant

Physicians are attracted to digital health tools they believe will improve current practices and impact patient care, according to a new survey released today by the American Medical Association (AMA). While there is broad-based optimism, physicians tell the AMA there are “must-haves” […]

Innovation, Patient Experience

Patients Want More Digital Health Tools from Primary Care Physicians

June 30, 2016

Via: Healthcare Informatics

Patient adoption of digital health tools remains low, but interest in virtual care services is high, as a new survey report finds that the majority of consumers say they are choosing their primary care provider, in part, based on how […]