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Did EHRs Light the Physician Burnout Fuse?

July 17, 2019

Via: HitConsultant

According to the American Medical Association, about 50 percent of practicing doctors are experiencing burnout and EHRs are a significant driver of this problem. For every hour physicians spend on direct patient care, the report indicates that they spend two […]

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FDA post-market drug surveillance system to tap EHR data

March 1, 2019

Via: Health Data Management

Sentinel, which monitors FDA-approved drugs through active surveillance, is being enhanced to capture clinical data to better detect potential new safety problems. “We’ll be working to link claims data in Sentinel to electronic health records, to improve our ability to […]


On road to growth, small Kentucky hospital consolidates EHR data

January 4, 2019

Via: Health Data Management

Harrison Memorial Hospital is working to get its data in order as it pursues plans to become a regional medical center. The 61-bed facility in Cynthiana, Ky., is pursuing these ambitious plans by upgrading its legacy Meditech electronic health record […]


Program testing EHR role in speeding organ donation process

August 13, 2018

Via: Health Data Management

The United Network for Organ Sharing is working with software vendors Cerner and Statline to automate manual processes surrounding organ donations. The initiative aims to improve the process for notifying hospitals about potential organ donors, with the hopes of reducing […]


Machine learning predicts 1-year mortality using EHR data

July 10, 2018

Via: Health Data Management

University of Minnesota researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm using electronic health record data to improve care delivery for seriously ill patients by accurately predicting the risk of 1-year mortality. The random forest (RF) model, which estimates the risk […]


Is EHR Data Blocking Blocking Finally on Its Last Leg?

November 10, 2016

Via: HitConsultant

Healthcare industry market analysts, technology gurus and IT reporters sometimes like to envision a powerfully capable future in which software architectures are open, small application developers are thriving, and healthcare IT solutions from numerous sources create a confluence of patient […]


EHR Data Migration – Tackling EHR & EMR Transition Series

August 11, 2016

Via: Hospital EMR and EHR

The demand for data migration within the U.S. healthcare market is growing exponentially. The increase in mergers and acquisitions is driving system consolidation as is the increasing number of HCOs seeking EHR replacements to address usability and productivity concerns. A […]


Study: EHR Data, Machine Learning Techniques Can Provide Real-Time Flu Surveillance

May 13, 2016

Via: Healthcare Informatics

Data extracted from cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) systems in combination with a machine learning algorithm can provide near real-time regional estimates of flu outbreaks, according to a study published in Nature Scientific Reports. Researchers Boston Children’s Hospital’s Computational Health […]