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Innovation, Research

Vaccination protects against COVID-19 related hospitalization in patients with and without comorbidity

November 15, 2021

Via: The Medical News

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread to almost every country in the world, causing over five million deaths and forcing many governments to enact costly and restrictive lockdown measures. These have included mandatory mask-wearing, the closing of public spaces, and […]


Study identifies early warnings of COVID-19 outbreak on Twitter posts

January 25, 2021

Via: The Medical News

Even before public announcements of the first cases of COVID-19 in Europe were made, at the end of January 2020, signals that something strange was happening were already circulating on social media. A new study of researchers at IMT School […]

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Nurses and doctors sick with COVID feel pressured to get back to work

August 12, 2020

Via: The Medical News

The first call in early April was from the testing center, informing the nurse she was positive for COVID-19 and should quarantine for two weeks. The second call, less than 20 minutes later, was from her employer, as the hospital […]

Innovation, Medical Devices

Novel device offers added protection for healthcare workers performing endoscopies during COVID-19

July 22, 2020

Via: The Medical News

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up unimaginable challenges for healthcare workers. Even simple outpatient procedures such as endoscopies can expose staff to the risk of infection. However, a team of researchers has developed a simple, disposable, and inexpensive device to […]