image credit: Unsplash

Picosun’s Medical ALD Solutions Enable Safer Surgeries

November 23, 2020

Picosun’s biocompatible ALD coatings will be applied to electrosurgical equipment (electrotomes) to improve their performance, safety, and service life.

“It’s great to collaborate with a company such as Picosun to develop solutions for safer and more patient-friendly surgeries. Picosun is the leader in medical ALD solutions. The company has an extensive process portfolio for biocompatible ALD materials and their equipment is in use at several medical equipment manufacturers around the world. In China, Picosun is the market leader with numerous PICOSUN® ALD systems installed throughout the country. We have strong trust that this collaboration will result in disruptive new innovations and novel solutions for surgical equipment,” says Longsheng Lu, Professor of South China University of Technology.

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