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7 Tips for Secure BYOD in Healthcare

December 7, 2017

It’s So Easy to Infiltrate
If endpoint security – especially for smartphones – wasn’t a top-of-mind issue for healthcare IT leaders before, it certainly is now. I’ve spoken with numerous customers who struggle with it and are asking for guidance.

At HIMSS this year I attended the CHIME CIO Forum which included a presentation by Kevin Mitnick, a former black hat hacker. He went to prison for cybersecurity crimes several years ago and now runs a cybersecurity consulting firm that boasts a 100% success rate in penetrating his clients’ networks. The main way he is able to infiltrate his clients’ networks is through what is called “social engineering.” The audience was amazed at how easily he was able to get people to give up information that allowed him to penetrate electronic security layers and access any information he wanted.

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