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Why has the US rollout of coronavirus testing been so poor?

March 16, 2020


Nearly 20,000 people are being tested every day for Covid-19 in South Korea. Screening has been aggressively rolled out, with people undergoing nose and throat swabs at drive-through testing stations without even having to leave their car. In a few […]


China Is Now Blocking Flights From Italy, Iran and South Korea to Keep Coronavirus Out

March 13, 2020

Via: Time Health

From quarantining arriving travelers from overseas to nabbing those sneaking in with fevers, China and other parts of Asia are scrambling to prevent the new coronavirus from coming back to where it first broke out. Just as the spread of […]


Do face masks work? Medical experts explain how to protect yourself from coronavirus

March 2, 2020


Medical experts have urged people to stop panic buying face masks, warning that such equipment is not an effective way to protect yourself from the fast-spreading coronavirus. The advice comes at a time of intensifying concern about COVID-19, which has […]

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Seegene secures approval in South Korea for Covid-19 assay

February 18, 2020


Seegene has received approval from the South Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its novel coronavirus (Covid-19) Real-time PCR assay for emergency use. The assay recently received the CE Mark. The firm will immediately begin supplying the assays […]