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Social isolation is directly associated with later dementia

June 8, 2022

Via: ScienceDaily

Social isolation is directly linked with changes in the brain structures associated with memory, making it a clear risk factor for dementia, scientists have found. Setting out to investigate how social isolation and loneliness were related to later dementia, researchers […]

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Social isolation among older adults linked to having fewer teeth

January 20, 2022

Via: ScienceDaily

Older adults who are socially isolated are more likely to have missing teeth — and to lose their teeth more quickly over time — than those with more social interaction, according to a new study of Chinese older adults led […]


Mental Health Is the Next Pandemic

May 21, 2020

Via: HITECH Answers

While many of us are sheltering in place to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a massive mental health pandemic is also brewing. Fears about COVID-19, the economic meltdown, and prolonged social-isolation are all taking a toll on […]