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Explainer: US Election 2024 -Biden’s healthcare outlook

May 21, 2024

Via: Medical Device Network

As a presidential election looms in the US, the incumbent democratic party has made strides to win over public, party and investor confidence through small reforms to healthcare. Current US president and soon-to-be electoral candidate, Joe Biden, is expected to […]


Biden aims to resurrect drug pricing reforms in stalled $1.75T Build Back Better Act

February 10, 2022

Via: FierceHealthcare

President Joe Biden sought to resurrect key drug pricing reforms such as giving Medicare drug price negotiations that have languished in the Senate for months. Biden gave a speech Thursday at Germanna Community College in Culpeper, Va., detailing the goals […]


5 reforms to help hospitals reduce medical errors

May 19, 2016

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Medical errors are an ongoing problem in the healthcare industry–recent studies suggest that 250,000 people a year die due to such mistakes–but some simple steps may help hospitals reduce the amount of patient harm. James Lieber, a Pittsburgh attorney and […]

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Will Hospitals Benefit from The 21st Century Cures Act?

December 28, 2015

Via: MedPageToday

A piece of legislation called “The 21st Century Cures Act” is making its way through Congress. Scores of patient groups, professional organizations, and healthcare industry representatives are for it. Who isn’t for better cures? But, like other aspirationally titled bills, […]