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Lowering readmission rates does not harm patient safety

July 20, 2017

Via: Modern Healthcare

As hospitals continue to lower readmission rates and satisfy new value-based incentives, mortality rates have also dropped, signaling improvement in care quality, a new study found. Hospitals have successfully reduced readmission rates over the past several years, as new payment […]

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Study looks at readmission causes for all payors

July 14, 2017

Via: Healthcarebusinesstech

Most studies of readmissions focus on Medicare patients, and for good reason: Hospitals are penalized for high Medicare readmissions rates. However, to get readmissions under control, facilities must look at the full scope of the problem among all types of […]


Engaging Patients and Lowering Readmissions by Focusing on Transitional Care

December 28, 2015

Via: HITECH Answers

Hospital readmission rates in the United States are among the highest in the world. In 2011, there were 3.3 million 30-day re-admissions to the hospital, which contributed more than $41 billion in hospital costs. Medicare patients accounted for $26 billion […]