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Depression, anxiety may be among early signs of MS

September 25, 2023

Via: ScienceDaily

The study, published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, suggests that psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression may be part of a prodromal phase of MS — a set of preliminary symptoms and clues that […]


FDA approves new drug that could aid MS diagnoses for clinical trials

January 27, 2020

Via: The Medical News

A new drug that could make it easier for doctors to diagnose multiple sclerosis (MS) in its earlier stages has been approved for its first human trials by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Created by Case Western Reserve […]

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Researchers identify genes linked to most severe symptoms of multiple sclerosis

October 31, 2019

Via: The Medical News

In a bid to determine factors linked to the most debilitating forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have identified three so-called “complement system” genes that appear to play a role in MS-caused vision loss. The […]

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Researchers find possible causes for lacking of effective therapy for multiple sclerosis

August 20, 2019

Via: The Medical News

Medications currently used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) can merely reduce relapses during the initial relapsing-remitting phase. Many patients, however, develop progressive MS at a later stage, with disability becoming progressively worse. This type cannot be sufficiently treated at yet. […]

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Surprise discovery may lead potential treatment for multiple sclerosis

March 9, 2018

Via: The Medical News

A surprise finding by medical scientists may lead to the development of a possible treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). While examining human brain tissues, researchers from the University of Alberta and McGill University unexpectedly found that the tissues from people […]