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Climate Change May Push the US Toward the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for West Nile Virus

March 28, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

Michael Keasling of Lakewood, Colorado, was an electrician who loved big trucks, fast cars, and Harley-Davidsons. He’d struggled with diabetes since he was a teenager, needing a kidney transplant from his sister to stay alive. He was already quite sick […]

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Scientists are working to develop a new way to detect Zika virus

January 28, 2019

Via: The Medical News

A collaboration of scientists including Professor Jean Patterson, Ph.D., of Texas Biomedical Research Institute, is working on a new way to detect Zika virus that will help guide clinicians in their treatment of patients with the disease. The test uses […]

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Researchers show potential of using low-cost rapid diagnostic test to detect severe malaria

August 25, 2017

Via: The Medical News

Malaria is a leading cause of death for children living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many children in rural areas seek care at local community health clinics, but these clinics lack reliable tests to distinguish severe and uncomplicated malaria. Working at a […]