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AI-Powered Innovations: Redefining Breast Cancer Screenings and Mammograms

January 22, 2024

Via: Health IT Answers

Breast cancer screenings can save lives through earlier detection. Mammograms are among the most common tests, although MRI scans and ultrasounds are other possibilities. Numerous studies show artificial intelligence (AI) could improve outcomes in various ways. Such results enable health […]

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New fibers can make breath-regulating garments

October 19, 2021

Via: ScienceDaily Health

A new kind of fiber developed by researchers at MIT and in Sweden can be made into clothing that senses how much it is being stretched or compressed, and then provides immediate tactile feedback in the form of pressure, lateral […]

Innovation, Med Tech

Home telehealth offers primary care many potential benefits

February 6, 2019

Via: Health Data Management

If primary care in the United States is going to help reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes, then patients must be allowed to receive care in their own home via telehealth technology. That’s the message Sapna Kripalani, MD, assistant professor […]


UnitedHealth: The Exchange Is Dead. Long Live The Exchange

February 2, 2016

Via: Forbes

UnitedHealth made the smartest decision of the year and no one noticed. Recently, headlines screamed about UnitedHealth threatening to leave the ACA exchanges. As Bruce Japsen reported, United is losing hundreds of millions on the public exchanges. Meanwhile, virtually no […]