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Biden’s Promise of Better Nursing Home Care Will Require Many More Workers

March 2, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

The Biden administration has identified core impediments to better nursing home care in its proposed overhaul of the industry, but turning aspirations into reality will require a complex task: mandating adequate staffing levels for all homes without bankrupting those that […]


Lawmakers reintroduce diagnostic regulation bill that split industry

June 28, 2021

Via: Healthcare Dive

The bill aims to provide clarity on a murky area of FDA authority in regulating lab developed tests. Under the Trump administration, HHS shocked the industry in August 2020 when it announced FDA would no longer require premarket review for […]

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North America’s medical devices industry saw a rise of 34.83% in cross border deal activity in Q1 2021

May 6, 2021


Led by $635m acquisition of Capsule Technologies, North America’s medical devices industry saw a rise of 34.83% in cross border deal activity during Q1 2021, when compared to the last four-quarter average, according to GlobalData’s deals database. A total of […]

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Medical devices industry private equity deals in Q2 2020 total $1.68bn globally

July 27, 2020


Total medical devices industry private equity deals in Q2 2020 worth $1.68bn were announced globally, according to GlobalData’s deals database. The value marked an increase of 94.7% over the previous quarter and a rise of 81.6% when compared with the […]

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How AI is transforming the news industry

June 26, 2020


For many of us the term ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) still belongs in the realms of science-fiction and brings to mind the domineering Skynet in the Terminator films or the malevolent Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey. A recent Press Gazette […]


5G—The Fuel Healthcare Needs to Thrive

January 15, 2019

Via: Natalie Dunn

It’s more than a buzzword, the next “G” or a network technology upgrade. 5G—the latest generation of cellular mobile communications—is set to unlock a new era of healthcare with smart, connected solutions for medical providers, device manufacturers, payers, researchers, and […]


Can New Technologies Diagnose Old Issues for the Healthcare Industry?

July 26, 2018

Via: James Hughes

The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in medicine can be divided into three groups: increased efficiency and productivity by optimizing clinical processes and allowing doctors to concentrate their full attention on the patients; improved patient experience by avoiding […]


Report predicts more healthcare cyber and ransomware attacks in 2017

December 5, 2016

Via: Modern Healthcare

The healthcare industry will be a target for cyber attackers in 2017 while the nefarious practice of holding patient records for ransom will be an industry scourge, according to predictions by credit reporting firm Experian. “Personal medical information remains one […]

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Artificial intelligence and the future of hospitals

February 11, 2016

Via: FierceHealthcare

Healthcare already has its hands full with rapid shifts in the status quo, but an even more dramatic change could be on the way: robotic doctors powered by artificial intelligence or AI. What sounds like science fiction is already poised […]

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Wearables Are Our Foray Into Empowering A Healthier Population

June 30, 2015

Via: Hit Consultant/Security

In 1937, Sylvan Goldman, the owner of the Humpty-Dumpty grocery store chain, invented the shopping cart. Determined to reduce the cost of having to staff his stores with enough clerks to personally help each customer with over-the-counter purchases, he changed […]