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Cancer cells disarm cellular attackers by extending out nanoscale tentacles

November 18, 2021

Via: The Medical News

To grow and spread, cancer cells must evade the immune system. Investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MIT used the power of nanotechnology to discover a new way that cancer can disarm its would-be cellular attackers by extending out […]

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Immune cell implicated in development of lung disease following viral infection

March 9, 2021

Via: ScienceDaily Health

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have implicated a type of immune cell in the development of chronic lung disease that sometimes is triggered following a respiratory viral infection. The evidence suggests that activation of this […]

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COVID-19 genetic risk variants impact diverse immune cell types and severe disease manifestations

December 7, 2020

Via: The Medical News

The clinical presentation of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) ranges from mild flu-like symptoms in many patients to severe respiratory failure and death in patients with comorbidities. Although studies have shown correlations between hyperactivation of the immune system and the formation […]

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A vaccine targeting aged cells mitigates metabolic disorders in obese mice

June 30, 2020

Via: ScienceDaily Health

Aged, or senescent, cells are known to harm their surrounding younger cells by creating an inflammatory environment. A specific type of immune cell, called T cell, can accumulate in fat tissues in obese individuals in senescence, causing chronic inflammation, metabolic […]