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Missing link between Alzheimer’s and vascular disease found?

May 25, 2022

Via: ScienceDaily

For more than 20 years, scientists have known that people with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity have a higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The conditions can all affect the brain, damaging blood vessels and leading to strokes. But […]

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High cholesterol early in life boosts heart disease risk

August 21, 2018

Via: Medical News Today

High levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol can increase a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. People may worry more about their cholesterol levels when they age, but new research suggests that they should take preventive action much earlier. A new study […]

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Sugar intake of American toddlers crosses maximum amount recommended for adults

June 11, 2018

Via: The Medical News

A new study suggests children in the US begin consuming added sugar at a very young age and that many toddlers’ sugar intake exceeds the maximum amount recommended for adults. The study found 99 percent of a representative sample of […]