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The best foods for boosting your immune system

July 10, 2018

Via: Medical News Today

A strong immune system helps to keep a person healthy. Can specific foods boost the immune system? The immune system consists of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins. Together, these carry out bodily processes that fight off pathogens, which are the […]


How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

September 12, 2016

Via: Mercola

Your cardiac muscles are rather specialized. While similar to your skeletal muscles in that they’re striated, their functionality more closely resembles your smooth muscles, as the continuous contraction of your heart is involuntary. Every minute, your heart pumps about 5 […]


6 Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Junk Food Snacks

April 27, 2016

Via: Time

French fries, candy bars, cookie dough—nothing ever measures up to the taste of the real thing. Until now. Trick your taste buds with these better-for-you alternatives, brought to you by Jackie Newgent, RD. If you’re craving a hot pretzel with […]


11 ‘Healthy’ Foods Diet Experts Avoid

June 17, 2015

Via: time health

You do your best to do right by your body by making healthy food choices every day. Unfortunately, a number of “health” foods you may go out of your way to eat don’t deserve their stripes. What’s worse, thanks to […]