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Medical cost growth trailed that of other industries in 2021

January 13, 2022

Via: Healthcare Dive

Inflation fell slightly at the beginning of the pandemic two years ago, though healthcare prices rose slightly as regulators and lawmakers bolstered the nation’s medical system, girding it against COVID-19 through measures like increasing the government’s match rate for Medicaid. […]


Thinking Beyond The Rebate Debate: Strategies To Bring Value To Healthcare

January 31, 2020

Via: Forbes

The Trump administration may have dropped the drug rebate rule last year, but the American people haven’t given up their search for security. Healthcare is a $3.5 trillion industry projected to balloon even more in the next decade and consumers […]


Healthcare Prices, Quality Information Remain Elusive In Most States

November 8, 2017

Via: Forbes

The move to require healthcare prices to be made public and inform patients about quality is going virtually nowhere in most U.S. states, a new report shows. This leaves most consumers lacking the “information they need to make informed healthcare […]


The Era Of Passive Healthcare Needs To End Now

October 23, 2017

Via: Forbes

To say the U.S. healthcare system is broken is both the most overused and understated declaration of the decade. And yet, amidst all this sound and fury, some serious issues have fallen through the cracks. The most overlooked issue: the […]


Health Care Price Information Still Elusive In Most States

July 8, 2015

Via: Forbes

When it comes to requiring health care prices to be made public, only five states adequately make the information transparent to consumers. The third annual report from the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute and Catalyst for Payment Reform shows little […]