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Developing a Robust Data Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

February 26, 2024

Via: HitConsultant

Having a comprehensive data strategy is paramount in the healthcare sector. Data can be both a blessing and a curse for healthcare organizations, depending on how well they manage their data. On one hand, data is the key to unlocking […]


How Healthcare Organizations Can Defend Against Ransomware

October 4, 2023

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There’s no denying it – the need for stronger cyber defense is urgent. More ransomware attacks targeted healthcare in 2022 than any other critical infrastructure sector, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). With attacks on healthcare negatively […]

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Enhance Patient Experience & Trust During the Winter Surge

February 15, 2023

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It’s well known that the winter season typically creates spikes in illness and, consequently, a surge in healthcare visits. What might not be so obvious is that this time of increased demand is also the ideal opportunity for healthcare organizations […]


4 EHR Implementation Budget Busters and How to Prevent Them

November 23, 2022

Via: Health IT Answers

EHR implementations are a huge investment. And for many healthcare IT teams, this type of project may be a once in a career type of experience. I have spent more than 30 years of my career helping healthcare organizations through […]

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Protecting Healthcare Organizations from Cyberattacks

November 22, 2021

Via: Healthcare IT Today

No business sector is safe from ransomware attacks these days. But one industry that has been increasingly under attack—and has life-or-death consequences—is healthcare, as recently uncovered in a new research report from the Ponemon Institute. In the last year, cyberattacks […]


Effective Listening Programs Are Critical For Healthcare Organizations During COVID-19

November 19, 2020

Via: HITECH Answers

Over the past six months, Perceptyx has compiled the responses of nearly 750,000 healthcare employees, who answered a series of COVID-19 specific surveys and broader employee experience surveys. The results are illuminating, underscoring the need for effective listening programs. An […]


4 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Establish Partnerships to Drive Innovation

July 14, 2020

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With public and private healthcare spending significantly outpacing that of other countries, U.S. hospitals face intense pressure to find new ways to capture greater value. More and more, organizations are finding that partnerships with existing vendors can help unlock next-level […]

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How Healthcare Organizations are Integrating Virtual Chronic Care Solutions to Adjust to the Next Normal

June 8, 2020

Via: EMR Thoughts

Telehealth is here, but the question of whether the shift to virtual chronic care in all its varieties is here to stay is still an important discussion. In this meetup hosted by Dell Technologies, we brought together a panel of […]


4 Steps Healthcare Organizations Need to Take to Automate Their Data

September 16, 2019

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According to IDC, all the data that’s being created and captured in healthcare is projected to grow by 36 percent (CAGR)—more than any other industry. While managing growing volumes of data is a common challenge for many organizations across all […]


How AI is Stopping Drug Diversion and Saving Healthcare Workers’ Lives

December 26, 2018

Via: Healthcare Informatics

Lisa Marie Jones first started taking painkillers to deal with a dental surgery, but soon she was using them to manage other pain in her life. She had a disabled family member to care for and suffered from significant childhood […]


Most healthcare organizations have suffered data breaches, survey shows

March 12, 2018

Via: Modern Healthcare

While healthcare organizations spent more on information technology from 2016 to 2017, the number of cyberattacks also increased, according to a new survey from the Ponemon Institute. The healthcare organizations surveyed experienced an average of 16 cyberattacks each in 2017, […]


Saving Lives Starts with Protecting Our Hospitals

January 11, 2018

Via: InformationWeek

Healthcare organizations and the patients they serve have to step up to ensure that medical records and devices are secured from hackers. According to Symantec, only 6% of the IT budget allotted in hospitals is devoted to cybersecurity. Therefore, it […]


New year, same threats: Keep your hospital safe from cybersecurity attacks

January 4, 2018

Via: Healthcarebusinesstech

Healthcare organizations have been experiencing increased threats to their cybersecurity lately, due to the amount of private info they usually have on file. In particular, system attacks caused by ransomware are on the rise, and there’s no better time than […]


5 steps healthcare organizations should take in response to data security breach

November 7, 2017

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Healthcare security breaches have been on the rise in recent years. In 2016 alone, more than 27 million patient records were compromised as part of 450 data security breach incidents. And 2017 isn’t looking much better, with several large breaches […]


Three Cornerstones for Healthcare Analytics Success

March 27, 2017

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Analytics plays an important role for many healthcare organizations, from reducing operational costs, optimizing IT systems and infrastructure, and helping clinicians make the best decisions for their patients. Though, for many in the healthcare industry, the problem is that managing […]


How Many Points of Vulnerability Do You Have in Your Healthcare Organization?

December 21, 2016

Via: EmrAndHipaa

Far too often I hear healthcare CIOs talk about all of the various electronic devices they have in their organization and how this device proliferation has created a really large risk surface that makes their organization vulnerable to breaches and […]


How healthcare organizations can anticipate IT demands of new consumers

November 28, 2016

Via: Health Data Management

Amid all the hurdles of meeting today’s healthcare IT challenges, new ones await. In the future, consumers won’t need to be prodded to engage with their healthcare providers—they’ll be demanding it. Anticipating the future expectations of consumers when it comes […]


Privacy expert shares tips for preventing visual hacking

September 12, 2016

Via: HealthcareITnews

When the Ponemon Institute released its 2016 Global Visual Hacking Experiment, the research firm found that 91 percent of visual hacking attempts are successful. Visual hacking applies to spying on physical items, like someone’s desk, computer screen or mobile device, even […]


Timing Is Everything: How To Pace Your Transition To Value-Based Care

September 6, 2016

Via: Health IT Outcomes

As CMS continues to push to transition to value-based care models for hospitals and healthcare providers under Medicare as part of its efforts to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, population health management initiatives are being brought more closely into focus. […]


HIT Costs Rose 40% Per Physician Since 2009

August 19, 2016

Via: Health IT Outcomes

Healthcare organizations are facing serious financial challenges as they are forced to convert their practices and patient records to digital formats. New data from Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) reveals healthcare IT costs rose more than 40 percent since 2009 […]