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Healthcare cybersecurity still has room to improve safety

March 3, 2023

Via: Healthcare Dive

For most businesses, being knocked offline by an attack like ransomware can lead to lost revenue and dented brand trust. For a hospital, the stakes are infinitely higher. To be clear, a ransomware attack on a hospital crosses the line […]

Innovation, Med Tech

HHS examines automation’s role in healthcare cybersecurity

December 13, 2022

Via: Healthcare Dive

Cyberattacks on healthcare providers are increasing in complexity and impact as they continue to rise in number. CommonSpirit Health this week disclosed that a ransomware attack first reported in early October exposed the personal information of more than 623,000 people. […]


IoT: A Promising Prescription for Healthcare

January 20, 2020

Via: EMR Thoughts

Though the Internet of Things (IoT) is proving its value in many industries, perhaps the most significant benefits to consumers can be found in healthcare. Here’s a prime example: Health organizations can deploy IoT to remotely monitor patients’ blood pressure, […]


Healthcare Industry Will Underestimate Cybersecurity Threats in 2018

January 17, 2018

Via: HITECH Answers

2017 was an unprecedented year for breaches and ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations. Yet, according to a new report from Black Book, more than eight in ten provider organizations lack a reliable leader for cybersecurity, while only 11% plan to […]


The Road Ahead: Year-end Trends in Healthcare Cybersecurity

October 30, 2017

Via: HITECH Answers

Healthcare data breaches account for over 22% of the data breaches so far in 2017. To put a number on it, that’s nearly 2 million health data records. If you’re looking for an idea of what’s to come the remainder […]


Healthcare Cybersecurity: 10 Tips for Keeping Private Health Data Secure

July 26, 2017

Via: HitConsultant

Healthcare data is some of the most sensitive personal information that exists today. It is also one of the most sought after – and most frequently breached – data types. For organizations across the healthcare industry, protecting health data is […]


5 Ways Providers Can Prevent Patient Data Breaches

May 31, 2016

Via: Hitconsultant

2015 was unsurprisingly the year with the highest-profile healthcare data breaches to-date. With more and more patient information being transferred and stored digitally it’s a trend likely to continue for many years to come. Clinics, doctors offices, insurers and hospitals, […]


Internet of Things sparks healthcare cybersecurity concerns

February 24, 2016

Via: HealthcareITnews

The Internet of Things is set to explode. Forecasters expect more than 6 billion objects connected to the Internet this year and some expect 50 billion by 2020. But with connectivity comes risk. For healthcare providers trying to leverage what […]