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Majority of Americans Believe AI Can Revolutionize Healthcare in 2024

November 22, 2023

Via: HitConsultant

Addressing perceived obstacles to the adoption of AI is crucial for building consumer confidence. While a majority of Americans express optimism about AI, there are still challenges to overcome. Individuals skeptical of the technology believe that providing more evidence of […]


White House orders HHS to collect reports on healthcare AI safety

November 1, 2023

Via: Healthcare Dive

Regulatory scrutiny of AI has increased over the past year. The European Union is developing the AI Act, legislation that it claims will be the first comprehensive AI law, and the FDA is drafting guidance on AI-enabled device software functions. […]


US issues executive order for AI regulation in healthcare

October 31, 2023

Via: Medical Device Network

Apresidential executive order aimed at establishing a new set of guidelines and intended regulations for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been issued by the United States government. The Joe Biden administration on 30 October released what it describes as a new […]

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Why Healthcare AI Must Maintain Multiple Layers of Specificity

August 17, 2023

Via: HitConsultant

The recent explosion of generative AI has pushed public discourse to a palpable tipping point. Nearly overnight, it seems, we’ve cycled from “must develop and/or adopt new AI applications ASAP” to existential fear, avoidance, and even acrimony. For those of […]

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5 AI-Driven Healthcare Trends and Solutions in 2023

March 28, 2023

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Enterprise-level healthcare is a massive business sector with seemingly infinite moving parts. With patients’ lives at stake, liability is huge, leaving little room for error. Yet human error is common in healthcare, and minor mistakes can cost millions in legal […]

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Healthcare AI Transformation: 9 Executive Predictions to Watch in 2023

January 24, 2023

Via: HitConsultant

Innovation areas to watch: One of the exciting areas of applied machine learning recently is so-called Generative Tech. Some say it’s the biggest change to the Internet since crypto was invented. Generative Tech is developing at an unprecedented pace and […]


Healthcare AI May Already Be Reducing Physician Burnout

December 20, 2019

Via: EMR Thoughts

New research suggests that AI may already be offering – or at least seems well-positioned to offer—help with reducing physician burnout levels in addition to freeing up some of their time.­ The survey, which reached out to more than 900 […]


Healthcare Analytics are the Problem. Applied AI is the Solution.

May 18, 2017

Via: Hospital EMR and EHR

The combination of electronic medical records, financial data, clinical data, and advanced analytics promised to revolutionize healthcare. It hasn’t happened. The common excuse is that healthcare wasn’t really prepared for the enormity and complexity of the data challenge and that, […]