Ceretrieve touts positive data from aspiration catheter study

May 29, 2024

Ceretrieve has announced positive study results demonstrating that its aspiration catheter demonstrated clot removal, completely restoring blood flow in a single pass.

The Ceretrieve aspiration catheter is a medical device used to remove blood clots from blood vessels in the body. It works by using a vacuum or suction effect to draw out unwanted material, aiding in the treatment of stroke, or deep vein thrombosis.

The first-in-human study demonstrated that an 80% complete / near-complete perfusion rate was achieved. The study included two generations of the device, with the improved Gen 2 device showing 100% complete / near-complete perfusion in all treated patients, and 83% first-pass complete perfusion (FPE mTICI 3). This exceeds the 30%-40% rate of current gold-standard devices, according to the 28 May announcement.

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