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Hurdles Ahead for Zika Vaccine: Experts

September 30, 2016

Via: MedlinePlus Health News

Work is progressing on developing a vaccine that can thwart the Zika virus, but it will take years to get one to market, experts warn. Two rival vaccines for Zika have the best chance of becoming available for field testing […]


HHS puts Zika vaccine on fast track

September 9, 2016

Via: HealthcareITnews

The Department of Health and Human Services has signed an $8.2 million contract with Cambridge, Mass.-based Moderna Therapeutics to speed what it calls a “novel vaccine” to stop the Zika virus. The funding of Moderna’s work comes just days after […]


Lack of Zika funding could delay vaccine

August 1, 2016

Via: Modern Healthcare

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Friday said that immediate funding is needed for vaccine development and aggressive mosquito control in the U.S. to blunt the effects of the Zika virus. “What could happen is […]