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AR/VR in Healthcare: Why Collaboration is its Most Important Use

May 1, 2024

Via: HitConsultant

Throughout history, new and emerging technologies have helped revolutionize and advance the field of medicine, allowing medical professionals to develop groundbreaking new procedures, work towards cures to previously incurable diseases, and much more. Healthcare practitioners are always looking for ways […]

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A new age for mental health and tech

October 10, 2023

Via: Medical Device Network

Technology and mental health have had a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Many argue that with the rise of social media smartphone technology has become detrimental to mental health, but there is evidence that medical technology holds the potential to diagnose […]


U.S. Air Force and SimX Expands VR Medical Training Partnership

February 9, 2023

Via: HitConsultant

The project includes a substantial expansion of VR medical simulation training into areas never previously trained using immersive technology, including advanced airway and ventilator management, extrication tools, enhanced portable monitors and ultrasound capabilities, and an improved physiological model for field […]


AR/MR/VR and Their Healthcare Benefits

May 17, 2021

Via: Diana Beverly Ross

One of the five tech trends that supports healthcare in 2021 includes augmented and virtual reality. Today, virtual healthcare practices and methods have changed our perception of the medical industry. With technology at the fingertips of medical facilities, innovations are […]

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Virtual reality could help improve balance in older people

April 28, 2021

Via: ScienceDaily Health

Researchers at the University of Bath investigating how virtual reality (VR) can help improve balance believe this technology could be a valuable tool in the prevention of falls. As people grow older, losing balance and falling becomes more common, which […]

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VR could help detect early-onset balance problems in MS patients

March 12, 2020


Virtual reality (VR) testing could help to detect the onset of balance problems in people with multiple sclerosis (MS), research from the University of North Carolina (UNC) has found. People with MS often have an increased risk of falling and […]


How Virtual Reality Can Help The Global Mental Health Crisis

May 15, 2019

Via: Forbes

The World Health Organization has reported that one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently have such conditions. Considering that mental disorders […]

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Virtual reality could be used to treat people with neurological disorders

March 28, 2019

Via: The Medical News

Playing games in virtual reality (VR) could be a key tool in treating people with neurological disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. The technology, according to a recent study from the University of Waterloo, could help individuals with […]

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Using VR to train next generation of paramedics

August 30, 2018

Via: The Medical News

Virtual reality (VR) is being used to train and prepare the next generation of paramedics to respond to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Edith Cowan University researchers have worked with Perth VR production company Virtual Guest to create a fully […]

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VR Art Reduces Need For Opiods in NY Hospital

June 22, 2018

Via: Forbes

In Spring 2017, Olivia Davis, Assistant Curator for the Montefiore Medical Center Fine Art Program and Collection, approached renowned artist Tom Christopher to create the first virtual reality experience specifically for pediatric cancer patients in the Bronx, NY. The hospital […]