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Survey: Many doctors are unprepared to help their patients prevent diabetes

September 11, 2019

Via: The Medical News

Which of these is not a risk factor for prediabetes? A) Overweight B) Age 45 or older C) Being white D) Exercise less than three times per week The correct response is C — the actual risk factor being African […]


Government subsidies could be key to reducing healthcare-associated infections

April 4, 2019

Via: The Medical News

Healthcare-associated infections — illnesses that people contract while being treated in a hospital or other healthcare facility — sicken millions of people each year and cost billions of dollars in additional treatment. While there has been some improvement over the […]


How Florida Is Battling Zika—and Apathy

August 11, 2016

Via: Time

Two weeks ago, officials from Florida announced that mosquitoes were spreading the Zika virus in a neighborhood north of downtown Miami; 22 people are now confirmed to have the virus from local bites. But while Zika has state and federal […]