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4 Key Focus Areas to Measure Your Digital Health Strategy

October 10, 2022

Via: HitConsultant

The promise of digital healthcare is profound. Moving from today’s transactional encounters to a convenient and continuous connection between patients and clinicians can greatly improve both relationships and overall care. The responsible collection of data from a digital platform can […]


Improving Access to Healthcare

August 30, 2021

Via: Natalie Dunn

Worldwide, healthcare systems are still struggling to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis that followed its onset. With vaccine rollouts now underway in most countries and restrictions also beginning to be eased, the pandemic seems to be nearing its […]


Digital healthcare: why are supercomputers important?

March 17, 2021

Via: Diana Beverly Ross

It was only a few months ago that NVIDIA announced to build the UK’s most powerful supercomputer to help AI research in healthcare. Why is this important? The system, Cambridge-1, is planned to be used for projects that strive for […]


As Healthcare Goes Digital, Social Care Lags Behind

December 6, 2019

Via: Forbes

Since 2009, federal legislation has awarded billions of dollars to physicians and hospitals that make health information technology part of their practice. While many highlighted the downsides of digitization, the providers who unlock its full potential know very well that […]


As Healthcare Goes Digital, Consumer Engagement And Experience Improve

July 10, 2019

Via: Forbes

The healthcare industry in the United States has long been a dichotomy in its embrace of – and resistance to – technology. While some of the world’s finest technology is used to diagnose and treat all manner of illness, patients […]

Innovation, Patient Experience

Consumers hungry for more digital healthcare interaction

March 6, 2018

Via: Modern Healthcare

Rising demand for digital interaction between consumers and doctors is paving the way for nontraditional players to upend the healthcare industry, according to a new survey. More than half of the nearly 2,500 consumers surveyed are comfortable contacting their physician […]


Future challenges for digital healthcare

April 26, 2017

Via: Medical News Today

The digital health “revolution” appears to be well under way. According to a recent survey by the American Medical Association, the vast majority of physicians believe that adopting digital health tools will improve their ability to care for their patients. […]