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Healthcare Cybersecurity: 10 Tips for Keeping Private Health Data Secure

July 26, 2017

Via: HitConsultant

Healthcare data is some of the most sensitive personal information that exists today. It is also one of the most sought after – and most frequently breached – data types. For organizations across the healthcare industry, protecting health data is […]


Why Using Encryption is Not Optional for Healthcare Organizations

March 17, 2017

Via: HITECH Answers

For HIPAA covered entities and their business associates, keeping health data protected should be a top priority. Failing to do so can have disastrous consequences, not only by way of the civil and criminal penalties dealt out for breaching HIPAA’s […]


6 companies’ tools to counteract ransomware attacks

August 19, 2016

Via: Health Data Management

Ransomware is dominating the malware market and has become the most profitable type of malware in history, and healthcare organizations have emerged as the target of choice for cyber criminals. The healthcare industry is increasingly being targeted by ransomware, with […]


How to better prevent more healthcare breaches

August 2, 2016

Via: Health Data Management

Almost three out of every four healthcare data breaches can be linked to three common security problems, and managing those types of issues can greatly impact overall security performance. Those include losses or thefts of laptops; improper or criminal accessing […]


Healthcare industry is among the top users of encryption

July 15, 2016

Via: Health Data Management

The biggest users of data encryption for security are companies in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals, financial services, and technology and software industries, according to a new report by the Ponemon Institute. The study, sponsored by security company Thales, is part […]