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Youth mental health: can digital tools contain the crisis?

September 27, 2022

Via: Medical Device Network

Two and a half years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are still dealing with the fallout – not least the effect on youth mental health. For many children and young people, the repeated lockdowns, social isolation, and […]


Ukraine Crisis: Cyber Risks Facing the US Healthcare Sector

April 8, 2022

Via: Natalie Dunn

Healthcare systems around the world have only just managed to defeat one of the greatest medical crises in modern history, the COVID-19 pandemic. However, just as policymakers and healthcare managers were preparing to return to normalcy after resolving what they […]


5 Steps to Securing Healthcare Data and Assuring Continuity Through Crisis

June 19, 2020

Via: EMR Thoughts

It is not an overstatement to say that healthcare workers are the real heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their rapid and selfless response is an incredible example of what we can achieve when good people collaborate and rise to the […]


Ransomware Crisis Demands Provider Cooperation

February 23, 2016

Via: EmrAndHipaa

A few days ago, the sadly-predictable news broke that a U.S. hospital had been hit with a ransomware attack. Initial reports were that hackers demanded that Hollywood (CA) Presbyterian Medical Center pay $3.4M in bitcoins to regain access to its […]


Communication essential for healthcare to survive cyberattacks reputation intact

February 16, 2016

Via: HealthcareITnews

A breach-filled 2015 showed healthcare is at major risk for cyberattacks, a situation experts say makes it more important for health organizations to have plans in place to deal with the aftermath of a security crisis. Nicole Miller, senior vice […]