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From ‘happy hypoxia’ to purpuric rashes — here are all the perilous ways the coronavirus attacks the body

August 26, 2020


It’s been almost eight months since Chinese scientists first identified the coronavirus and doctors are still discovering new symptoms that can ravage the body and leave lasting damage months after recovering from Covid-19. While more than 813,000 people have died […]

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Coronavirus patients describe symptoms that last a month or more

May 1, 2020


Teresa Rodriguez knew something was wrong when she lost her sense of smell. She was cooking dinner with her daughter, and it hit her that something was off. The following morning, on March 23, she woke up feeling extremely tired, […]

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Facebook is tracking coronavirus symptoms by county to identify hotspots

April 20, 2020


Facebook on Monday released its first map that tracks coronavirus symptoms county by county and plans to update it daily throughout the outbreak. Facebook partnered with Carnegie Mellon University researchers to create an opt-in survey designed to help identify Covid-19 […]

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There’s An Unexpected Loss Of Smell And Taste In Coronavirus Patients

March 20, 2020

Via: Forbes

One of the most unusual symptoms of coronavirus (COVID19) infection is the loss of a sense of smell and taste. I learned about this yesterday from a friend in Italy who I’ve been so worried about. She finally confessed that […]

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Coronavirus is more fatal in men than women, major study suggests

February 18, 2020


Men have a higher risk of death than women if they contract the new strain of coronavirus, Chinese researchers concluded in the largest study on the outbreak to date. In research published Monday, analysts studied 72,314 patient records from the […]


6,000 tourists in lockdown on Italian cruise ship over coronavirus fears

January 30, 2020


Some 6,000 tourists are being held on a cruise ship in Italy over fears that a passenger could be infected with the coronavirus. “Sanitary protocol” has been activated amid concerns over the health of an individual traveling on the ship […]