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Cash for Colonoscopies: Colorado Tries to Lower Health Costs Through Incentives

November 2, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

State employees in Colorado are being asked to be better consumers when shopping for health care services. And if they choose lower-cost and higher-quality providers, they could get a check in the mail for a portion of the savings. It’s […]


5 Things to Know About Colorado’s Psychedelics Ballot Initiative

October 14, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

Colorado could become the second state after Oregon to allow the use of certain psychedelic substances that are illegal under federal law. But while Oregon voters in 2020 approved the supervised use of psychedelic mushrooms, the citizen initiative on the […]


Colorado governor signs hospital staffing bill

May 20, 2022

Via: Healthcare Dive

Colorado is the latest state to pass some form of legislation addressing nurse staffing in light of the pandemic. New York passed a staffing law last summer that stipulates hospitals form clinical staffing committees that include front-line nurses and other […]


Colorado Doubles Down on Abortion Rights as Other States — And the High Court — Reconsider

March 29, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

With the Supreme Court expected to overturn or severely weaken its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, clinics in Colorado are preparing for an increase in the number of out-of-state residents seeking abortions, and lawmakers are cementing abortion access protections in […]

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Climate Change May Push the US Toward the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for West Nile Virus

March 28, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

Michael Keasling of Lakewood, Colorado, was an electrician who loved big trucks, fast cars, and Harley-Davidsons. He’d struggled with diabetes since he was a teenager, needing a kidney transplant from his sister to stay alive. He was already quite sick […]

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Colorado hospital reinvents its ER, slashes wait times and costs

December 22, 2015

Via: FierceHealthcare

A bigger emergency department won’t be better unless delivery of care transforms along with the facility expansion, according to the the head of the University of Colorado Hospital emergency department. “Instead of being small, crowded and dysfunctional, many EDs are […]