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Moderna Reports Its Booster Is Effective Against Omicron

December 21, 2021


Moderna reported on Dec. 20 that its currently authorized booster dose raises the level of antibodies able to neutralize the Omicron variant.

The company performed preliminary tests to determine how well blood sera from people who had received its booster dose could neutralize a version of the Omicron variant in the lab. Researchers collected sera from 20 people who had received the currently authorized booster—50 µg, which is half the dose authorized in the original two-dose regimen—and from 20 people who had received a full-dose booster of 100 µg. After about a month, the half dose increased antibodies that can neutralize Omicron by 37-fold compared to levels before the booster, while the full dose raised antibodies 83-fold.

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