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What Doctors Want You To Know About Abortion Right Now

May 4, 2022

Via: HuffPost

Since 1973, Roe v. Wade has protected the right of all Americans to access safe and legal abortions. But a leaked document published by Politico on Monday shows that the federal protections conferred by Roe may be struck down by the Supreme Court this summer.

If Roe falls, the legality of abortion will be determined by each state. And though a handful of states are passing legislation that will protect the right to get an abortion, many others — 26 to be exact — are expected to quickly ban or restrict abortions.

If this happens, millions of people in the United States will no longer be able to access safe abortion care within their communities. They’ll have to wait longer and travel farther to access help. The impact on people’s mental and physical health — along with their finances, families and livelihoods — will be astronomical.

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