image credit: Pexels

Bruker introduces Vutara™ VXL best-in-class super-resolution microscope and spatial biology analysis capabilities

October 23, 2020

Bruker Corporation today announced the release of the Vutara VXL Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscope for nanoscale biological imaging. The new system opens an affordable and easy-to-use path for both core facilities and individual investigators to enter the world of super-resolution imaging by incorporating Bruker’s industry-leading single-molecule localization (SML) technology in a streamlined system with compact footprint.

Vutara VXL serves as a biological microscopy workstation for research on DNA, RNA and proteins, from macromolecular complexes and super-structures, to chromatin structure and chromosomal substructures, to studying functional relationships in genomes and in various subcellular organelles.

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