image credit: Unsplash

Menarini unveils CoronaMeltVAR kit to detect Covid-19 and Omicron variant

January 18, 2022

Menarini Diagnostics has introduced its new CE-IVD real-time PCR kit, CoronaMeltVAR, for detecting SARS CoV-2 and identifying the Omicron variant.

The kit is designed to detect viral RNA from oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and saliva swabs and provides results in less than two hours.

Through the amplification of two targets, which are compatible with all variants as well as the wild type form, CoronaMeltVAR can identify positive samples with high sensitivity.

It also releases a distinct signal following the detection of the Omicron variant BA.1, BA.2, Alpha, Beta/Gamma or wild type/Delta.