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New computer model simulates the metabolism of cancer cells

July 3, 2019

Via: The Medical News

Researchers from the Life Sciences Research Unit (LSRU) of the University of Luxembourg have developed a computer model that simulates the metabolism of cancer cells. They used the program to investigate how combinations of drugs could be used more effectively […]

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High-salt diet blocks tumor growth in mice

June 7, 2019

Via: Medical News Today

More and more studies have been pointing to the pro-inflammatory effects of excessive salt intake. For instance, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel diseases are only some of the autoimmune conditions that a high-salt intake can exacerbate by overstimulating immune reactions. […]

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How emotions may impact tumor growth

July 17, 2018

Via: Medical News Today

Is it possible for us to “tell” the brain to boost the body’s immune response against cancer tumors? Researchers believe that the answer is “yes,” and that it can be done by manipulating the activity of the brain’s reward system. […]