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Advancements in Mobile Apps for Health Monitoring

August 12, 2020

Via: HITECH Answers

As the world continues to evolve, so does the technology that makes our lives easier and more efficient. This is certainly the case in the medical field as companies continue to make new apps that not only help us stay […]


More clinicians are texting, but far fewer hospitals offer a secure messaging app

July 24, 2017

Via: FierceHealthcare

As more clinicians gravitate toward text messaging to communicate patient information, hospitals aren’t keeping pace with appropriate security protocols. Pagers continue to be the most popular form of communication among hospital-based clinicians, but more than half are using standard text […]


How 21st Century Cures and APIs could help EHRs behave more like a smartphone

May 19, 2017

Via: FierceHealthcare

What if EHRs offered the same functionality and ease of use as a smartphone, allowing users to add or remove various apps based on the needs of a hospital or a provider? Two Boston-based bioinformatics researchers believe that will be […]

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How fine-tuning technology and redesigning care delivery can improve patient engagement

April 17, 2017

Via: FierceHealthcare

Healthcare providers and digital health companies are searching desperately for ways to get patients more engaged in their care. Doing so may require some radical changes to care delivery. As smartphones and mobile devices have become more ingrained in everyday […]

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5 ways mobile tech is transforming health care

October 19, 2016

Via: Healthcarebusinesstech

Thanks to changing healthcare regulations, shifting payment models, and a proliferation of mobile and web applications connecting caregivers and patients, health care has become a hotbed for innovation. In particular, the use of mobile apps in health care has skyrocketed. […]

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Mobile apps emerging as essential population health tools

March 16, 2016

Via: HealthcareITnews

While mobile apps are new enough on the care delivery scene that many providers have only begun dabbling, consumers are sending a strong message that forward-thinking hospital executives can translate into an opportunity for improving population health management programs. Northwestern […]

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The Pillars of the BIDMC IT Strategic Plan

March 10, 2016

Via: HITECH Answers

Communicating the IT strategic plan is one of the primary responsibilities of a CIO. Most importantly, the IT strategic plan should be seen as an enterprise wide activity and not just an IT centric exercise. IT should be an enabler […]

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Accenture: Only 2% of Hospitals Engage Patients Using Mobile Apps

January 7, 2016

Via: HitConsultant

Mobile health app usage has grown increasingly over the past three years with 54 percent of health consumers willing to use their smartphones to engage with their healthcare providers, according to new research from Accenture. The report finds that despite […]