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Heart monitor links patients to doctors using the one thing they’re unlikely to forget—their phones

March 7, 2018


Mason Rinks would be studying for exams or working at his internship when he would feel lightheaded and dizzy and sometimes experience palpitations. Away at school and out of his insurance network, he wouldn’t know what to do. The 20-year-old […]

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Smartwatch app accurately detects atrial fibrillation

March 2, 2018

Via: Health Data Management

The 12-lead electrocardiogram, a noninvasive device that shows the heart’s electrical activity, is considered the gold standard for diagnosing patients with the cardiac rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation. However, the Cleveland Clinic has demonstrated that a smartwatch wristband and app—cleared by […]

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Apple Health app effort to engage consumers by sharing EHR info

February 19, 2018

Via: Health Data Management

Apple’s recently announced efforts to enhance the healthcare capabilities of its iPhone Health app represent a jump-start for efforts to advance the coordination of patient care through record sharing. The push has direct implications for Apple’s designs to play a […]

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New device could allow people with disabilities to live more independently, enhance their quality of life

February 16, 2018

Via: The Medical News

A new study presented this week at the Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting in Atlanta found that a person with a spinal cord injury could improve their ability to grip and move household objects by using an electrical stimulation […]

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Smart thermometer, app provide real-time influenza tracking

February 9, 2018

Via: Health Data Management

Using a “smart” thermometer connected to a mobile phone app, University of Iowa researchers have successfully demonstrated that they can track influenza activity in real time at both population and individual levels, and in the process accurately predict flu activity […]

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Digital lifestyle intervention platform shown to reduce rates of Type 2 diabetes

January 31, 2018

Via: The Medical News

Liva Healthcare monitored the progress of 136 patients using its digital healthcare app to prevent and roll back Type 2 diabetes over a nine-month period. Over the period, 82% of the patients (112) lost weight, losing an average of 6.3kg […]

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6 Practical Tech Gadgets For Medical Professionals

January 16, 2018

Via: HITECH Answers

Options for treating patients and helping them stay healthy are rapidly evolving, and improved technology is largely responsible for making that the case. Some of the available offerings could forever change how patients and physicians interact with each other. The […]

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App monitors symptom severity in patients undergoing chemotherapy

December 22, 2017

Via: Health Data Management

Using a smartphone and Fitbit device, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were able to be remotely monitored in real time by their physicians in order to better detect severe or worsening symptoms from the treatment and to intervene earlier between clinic […]

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US FDA approves Boston Scientific’s brain stimulation device

December 12, 2017


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Boston Scientific’s Vercise Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) System for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms. A DBS system is designed to trigger a targeted region of the brain through implanted leads […]

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Medical Microinstruments unveils new robotic surgical device

December 7, 2017


Italian medical robotic solutions developer Medical Microinstruments (MMI) has unveiled its new robotic platform for open microsurgery. Surgeons can use the new platform to control two small articulated microinstruments designed to allow easy reconstruction after traumatic injuries and following tumour […]

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Banner Health hits snags migrating two hospitals from Epic to Cerner EHR

November 24, 2017

Via: HealthcareITnews

Banner Health is running into problems as it works to move two hospitals it acquired in 2015 from the University of Arizona from an Epic electronic health record installation onto a Cerner EHR. “On October 1, our transition to Cerner […]

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Health, wellness apps pose risks to consumer privacy

October 26, 2017

Via: Health Data Management

While there are federal regulations governing how personal health data is shared, only a fraction of the increasingly popular consumer apps on the market are actually regulated, leaving enormous amounts of information largely unprotected. As a result, Americans should be […]

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Abbott introduces new DRG stimulator system for pain relief in US

October 18, 2017


Abbott has introduced its new Proclaim DRG Neurostimulator System in the US for reducing pain in patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) of the lower limbs such as the foot, knee and hip. With new patient-centric benefits, the magnetic […]

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BYOD in hospitals: What you need to know

September 28, 2017

Via: Healthcarebusinesstech

Personal mobile devices in hospitals present a problem for many executives. Although there are many potential security risks, staff increasingly want to use their own smartphones, tablets and laptops for work purposes. The concept of BYOD, or bring-your-own-device, has gained […]

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As consumers obsess with mobile devices, engage them with health apps

September 7, 2017

Via: HealthcareITnews

The number of smartphone connections is expected to reach six billion by 2020, accounting for two-thirds of the nine billion global mobile connections by that time, according to a report from GSMA.1 U.S. consumers already are spending about five hours […]