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Is Healthcare the Most Important Problem Facing US Today?

June 29, 2018

Via: Kelly Redmond

Americans say the most important problem facing US today is healthcare, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. The survey analyzed data from January 2018 to June 2018 and showed an increase in public concern regarding the issue. High costs of health […]


Will Robotics Prove to Be the Future in Surgery?

May 25, 2018

Via: William Palmer

Poor employee health may be the reason US companies waste more than half a trillion dollars per year as a result of low productivity. Some of these companies have decided to provide their employees with health insurance plans in order […]


Self-Management is the New Key Word in Healthcare

April 9, 2018

Via: Natalie Dunn

Chronic diseases and conditions are now the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Health problems such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis are not only prevalent and costly, but also preventable. […]


7 Companies With Amazing Wellness Programs

March 5, 2018

Via: Sofia Allende

Happy, healthy employees are known to be more productive. We didn’t say it, science did. In fact, there are a number of studies that explore the correlation between employees’ health and their productivity levels: “employees who eat healthy all day […]


Why More Sleep Equals More Money

January 19, 2018

Via: Sofia Allende

Who would have thought that more sleep could lead to bigger incomes? Time Use and Productivity: The Wage Returns to Sleep is a research conducted by economists Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader investigating the impact of sleep on productivity and […]


What Happens When You Stare At Screens All Day Long

December 5, 2017

Via: Sofia Allende

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Check your phone? And the last thing you do before you shut your eyes for a good night’s rest? Let me guess, check your phone again? Add to that the […]


Winter Is Coming – How to Stay Healthy & Productive at Work

November 3, 2017

Via: Sophia Allende

Brace yourself because winter is coming! And we’re not just talking about the latest Game of Thrones series, we’re talking about that time of the year when seasons start to click and autumn, with all its glory and sun-kissed shades, […]


Sleeping 101: How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need

October 12, 2017

Via: Sofia Allende

How often do you blame yourself for not getting eight hours of sleep every night? You know it’s detrimental to your health, at least that’s what countless doctors and physicians claim, but you simply do not have the luxury to […]

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CRISPR technology on the verge of ethics

August 11, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Biotech companies that operate in genome editing are on a rush to keep pace with the way this technology is gaining momentum. Although the core of this genetic engineering technique is still highly disputable from an ethical point of view, […]

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Do you know who might steal your healthcare data?

August 1, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Smartphones and phone-connected wearables are increasingly capable of collecting data on individuals and their environment via high-tech sensors. From heart rate, pulse, and body temperature to location, air quality, humidity and other relevant characteristics, the tiny elements embedded in our […]

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Biobetters – why there is a need for them

July 26, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Perhaps you remember how biosimilars are similar drugs to biopharmaceuticals. Biosimilars employ biosimilar approval pathways. These pathways are necessary in order to allow the manufacturing of these versions of the original drug. The approval depends on the expiration date of […]

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Mental health, online therapy and the risk of tech addiction

July 5, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Online mental health services are globally on the rise, counting even cases where studies report that online therapy managed to beat medication in results. Many online sources on remote therapy come from Australia, where it is easy to see how […]

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First DeepLearning healthcare functionality approved because it matched humans

May 28, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

AI-based technologies are the next big wave in what tech progress is concerned. IBM’s Watson and Google’s DeepMind lead the way in terms of valid, commercial products. This means that subsequent products manage to actually reach the market. These results […]

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How’s your vision? Tiny robots can make it better

March 14, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

Letting revolutionary technology into medical procedures is a gradual process. Due to the fact that the trial and error method is rarely an option in health care, all modern tech needs to be properly validated and tested. The road from […]

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Appendix found to be useful – again!

January 31, 2017

Via: Kelly Redmond

The human body is still far from being deciphered – from a medical point of view. Modern technology nowadays provides research and clinical trial tools like never before. What others barely presumed a while ago, current specialists are able to […]